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How to Set Price Alerts on Amazon

December 1st, 2023
How to Set Price Alerts on Amazon

Do you often find yourself missing out on great deals on Amazon? Imagine if there was a way to be notified whenever the price drops on that item you’ve been eyeing. Well, the good news is, you can! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up price alerts on Amazon so you can save money effortlessly.

How to Set Price Alerts on Amazon

Step 1: Sign in to Your Amazon Account

The first step is to sign in to your Amazon account. If you don’t have one, it’s quick and easy to create.

Step 2: Find the Product You Want to Track

Navigate to the product you’re interested in. Once you’re on the product page, look for the “Add to List” option.

Step 3: Create a New List

Click on “Add to List” and create a new list. You can name it something like “Price Alerts” for easy identification.

Step 4: Set Your Desired Price

Within the newly created list, locate the option to set a price alert. Enter the price at which you want to be notified.

Step 5: Save and Enable Notifications

Save your changes, and make sure to enable notifications. This ensures you’ll receive alerts when the price drops.

How to get alerts when a price drops on Amazon?

To receive alerts when a price drops on Amazon, you can use the following methods:

  1. Amazon Price Tracking Websites:
    • There are several websites that allow you to track Amazon prices and receive alerts when they drop. Examples include CamelCamelCamel, Keepa, and Honey.
    • Visit one of these websites and create an account.
    • Search for the product you want to track and set up a price alert. You may need to install a browser extension for real-time tracking.
  2. Browser Extensions:
    • Install browser extensions like Camelizer (for CamelCamelCamel) or Honey.
    • These extensions can automatically track the prices of the products you view on Amazon and notify you when there is a price drop.
  3. Amazon Wishlist:
    • Add the product to your Amazon wishlist.
    • Amazon can notify you when there’s a price change for items in your wishlist. You can adjust your notification settings in your Amazon account.
  4. IFTTT (If This Then That):
    • Create an IFTTT applet that triggers when the price of a specific product drops on Amazon.
    • Connect your Amazon and IFTTT accounts, then set up the applet according to your preferences.
  5. Price Tracking Apps:
    • Use mobile apps designed for price tracking, such as Pricepulse or Tracktor.
    • Download the app, search for the product, and set up price drop alerts.
  6. Amazon Alerts via Email:
    • Some price tracking websites allow you to set up email alerts.
    • Configure your preferences to receive email notifications when the price of a tracked product falls within your specified range.

Remember that the availability of these tools may vary, and it’s important to review and understand the terms and conditions of each service. Additionally, be cautious about providing sensitive information and permissions to third-party apps and extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I set price alerts for any product on Amazon?

Yes, you can set price alerts for almost any product on Amazon, whether it’s electronics, clothing, or household items.

Q2: How often will I receive price alert notifications?

Amazon sends notifications as soon as the price drops to or below your specified amount.

Q3: Can I manage multiple price alerts at once?

Absolutely! You can create different lists for various products and manage all your price alerts efficiently.


Setting up price alerts on Amazon is a game-changer for savvy shoppers. By following these simple steps, you’ll never miss out on a great deal again. Start saving money effortlessly and make the most of your online shopping experience.