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How to Get Your First Reviews When You Start Selling on Amazon

June 20th, 2024

Starting to sell on Amazon can be an exciting venture, but getting your first reviews can be challenging. Reviews are crucial for building trust and credibility with potential buyers. Here are some effective strategies to help you get those initial reviews:

1. Provide an Outstanding Product

Before anything else, ensure that your product is of high quality. A great product is the foundation of positive reviews. Ensure that your product meets or exceeds customer expectations, has a clear and accurate description, and is competitively priced.

2. Optimize Your Product Listing

A well-optimized product listing attracts more buyers and encourages reviews. Make sure your product title, bullet points, and description are clear and highlight the key features and benefits. Use high-quality images and consider adding a video demonstration.

3. Utilize Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program encourages customers to leave reviews by offering small rewards, such as a $1-$3 Amazon gift card. This program is available for new products with fewer than five reviews and can be a great way to get initial feedback.

4. Enroll in Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine invites the most trusted reviewers to post opinions about new and pre-release items. Vine reviewers are selected based on the helpfulness of their reviews and their expertise in specific product categories. Although this program requires an invitation and is available for products sold directly by Amazon, it’s an excellent way to get detailed reviews.

5. Follow Up with Customers

After a purchase, send a polite follow-up email thanking the customer for their purchase and asking them to leave a review. Make sure your request is simple and straightforward. You can use Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service to communicate with your customers.

6. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service can lead to positive reviews. Respond to customer inquiries promptly, address any issues quickly, and ensure that the customer has a great experience from purchase to delivery.

7. Use Insert Cards

Including an insert card in your product packaging is another effective way to encourage reviews. The card can thank the customer for their purchase and politely ask them to leave a review. Make sure the request complies with Amazon’s guidelines and does not offer incentives for positive reviews.

8. Leverage Social Media and Influencers

Promote your product on social media platforms and collaborate with influencers who can review your product. Influencers can reach a broader audience and their followers often trust their recommendations. This can lead to more visibility and reviews for your product.

9. Run Promotions and Giveaways

Offering discounts, promotions, or giveaways can attract more buyers, increasing the chances of receiving reviews. Make sure any promotions comply with Amazon’s policies to avoid any issues.

10. Monitor and Respond to Reviews

Regularly monitor your reviews and respond to any negative feedback professionally. Addressing issues and showing that you care about your customers’ experiences can help improve your reputation and encourage more reviews.


Getting your first reviews on Amazon requires effort and strategic planning. Focus on providing an excellent product and customer experience, utilize Amazon’s programs, and actively engage with your customers. With these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to building a solid review base that can help boost your sales and credibility on Amazon.